I am a woman who loves life. I don't just love life on the side of my real responsibilities and dreams. I love life to the fullest extent of my being. I have always been extremely passionate about almost everything I do. To say the least, I am my own "dynamic-duo." I love to talk; LOVE to talk. I have the comments from every teacher, on every report card I have ever earned to prove it!! That being said, I only want to tell people about what made me excited that day just to get it out there, and hopefully to ignite some kind of spark to indulge in your own life. Let it be a cheesecake I made, a photo I took, what inspiring comments my parents told me, what book I'm reading, what I knit that day, or what new shop I found while aimlessly wandering the streets of Ottawa. I only want to share my zest for life with you. There is always at least one reason to smile in a day, and even if there isn't, maybe you can still find it.

Life is too beautiful not to chase.
     - Lauren Drambis 

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