Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Attention All Yarn Crafters: Dream In Color Yarn


Researching for a baby blanket that I am crocheting for the summer, I wanted a voluptuous and rich colour scheme matched with quality baby yarn. I went through the motions of the usual brands I use, but nothing seemed to pop. This blanket is for my partner's cousin. We have bee dating for a year, so I still find it crucial to make good impressions on the family. I honestly love them.

In downtown Ottawa, there is a tiny yarn store called Yarns Etc. This store has the most eclectic inventory of yarn I have ever seen. On their website I found a provider by the name of Dream In Color Yarn. People... I am telling you that this yarn is the the most amazing quality and rich colour schemes I have ever seen!!!!

 Below I have only a few colour schemes found in the Dream In Color baby yarn area of the website. The below hanks are the schemes which I am personally considering for the crochet baby blanket. If you have any thoughts for which colour I should use for the baby girl on the way, PLEASE comment your feedback!!!! How delicious are these hanks?

The Dream In Color Yarn website: 

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